A video featuring the Manchester, Connecticut, first responders has gone viral and after taking a look at it for yourself, you can understand why. Seen on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning, this Silent Partner Marketing video has been viewed over a million times on Facebook.

If you saw the segment on "Fox and Friends" this morning and headed over to YouTube to see this video, your mission was one of frustration, as the video is seen on Facebook. To video is posted on the Professional Firefighters of Manchester/Local 1579 Facebook page.

Honoring the first responders nationwide

The Silent Partner Marketing, which calls Manchester their home, created the video with a goal of highlighting the men and women who keep the public safe.

They were very successful, as they achieved their goal and then some. The video includes three departments from the city of Manchester, the fire department, the police department and the EMS first responders. These folks represent the first responders nationwide who put their lives on the line everyday for you and your family. You can see the video below.

Video puts local first responders on 'Fox and Friends'

Early Tuesday morning in the time slot between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., Manchester Fire Chief David Billings, Eighth Utilities District Fire Chief Don Moore and Police Chief Marc Montminy, appeared on "Fox and Friends" to talk about this powerful video. The video was released last week on December 6 and it already has over 1.3 million views on Facebook.

'Everyday heroes'

The video has been shared 42,000 times and after catching the eye of someone at Fox, they were invited on the show Tuesday morning. The three men, or "everyday heroes," were very humble and very surprised at the attention the video has received.

Video creator

CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle Reyes, said he was "honored" to bring this video to the masses.

Reyes hopes the video is shared all across the nation in honor of the first responders in this country. The video, which goes for just under 2 minutes, will work at delivering that pride to people across the nation after seeing what these brave men and women have to share.

The men and women who are the first responders for the city of Manchester, Connecticut, represent the men and women doing this job in towns and cities across the nation in this video.

One police officer reminds the viewers that he doesn't know you, but he would get hit with a bullet to protect you. This is truly a tribute everyone should see.

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