If you've noticed fewer updates from friends on your Facebook newsfeed since the election, or less activity on your Twitter account, the reason might be that you have been blocked, unfriended, or unfollowed because you've offended a Democrat. According to a survey of over 1,000 adults from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), democrats are nearly three times as likely as Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents to block, unfriend, or unfollow someone on social media over politics.

According to the PRRI survey results, which were published on Monday and conducted by Daniel Cox and Robert P. Jones, twenty-four percent of Democrats admitted to unfriending or blocking someone because they did not agree with their political beliefs. Conversely, only nine percent of Republicans admitted to doing the same.

Female Democrats most likely to be offended

The study also found that female Democrats were the most egregious offenders.

Thirty percent of female Democrats said they removed someone from their social network over political disagreements. A mere eight percent of female Republicans admitted to doing the same. Female Democrats were also more than twice as likely to unfriend someone than their male counterparts; only fourteen percent of Democrat males admit to blocking or unfriending a person they disagreed with politically.

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Democratic Party

And it seems the further left you lean ideologically, the more likely you are to click the unfriend button. Those who identify themselves as liberals are far more likely to remove somebody from their social circle than conservatives (28% vs. 8%, respectively). In contrast, only eleven percent of moderates admit to having blocked or unfriended somebody due to content they posted online.

So much for tolerance

The nonpartisan PRRI survey polled 1,004 adults between December 7 to December 11, and these numbers seem to confirm an opinion that conservatives have held for years -- that liberals aren't nearly as tolerant or inclusive as they claim.

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