It looks like Donald Trump's tweets pack one heck of a punch and an awful lot of power. One tweet he sent out yesterday that contained only 25 words literally wiped $4 billion off the value of Lockheed Martin stocks. The same was seen previously with tweets in which Trump mentioned Boeing, the stocks also took a dip for that company. While there are quite a few downsides to one man possessing this type of power, there is a silver lining emerging today.

Laugh all the way to the bank?

According to "Fox News" live on Tuesday, Trump's tweets might send certain stocks plummeting, but it doesn't take long for them to rebound.

This could come in handy for traders who want to buy stocks in one of the companies Trump happens to tweet about. While it might sound like a joke, there are actually market analysis firms studying Trump's tweets and their effect on stock trading.

The value in Trump's tweets

CNBC asks "can algos trade Trump's tweets?" There answer is "Absolutely. Maybe." The data is a work in progress today. If the research can come up with a pattern of some type for Trump's tweets when he mentions an individual company, an algorithim for Trump's Twitter activity is not too far-fetched.

CNBC cites the time it took for the defense industry stocks to start dropping once Trump's tweet hit the web. It was all of 10 seconds! That is how long it took from the time Trump posted his tweet to the time Boeing stocks started trading down.

Humans first spotted the trade opportunity, not computers

Another nice thing to hear was that humans, not computers, acted on this first. Folks saw what was happening and acted on it before the computerized trading programs digested the news and kicked into action.

It is the Trump tweets like the one below that are becoming tools of the trade!

This 10-second delay is big, considering algorithmic trading has become so speedy that it only needs milliseconds or less to see a change that might impact a stock.

This 10-second delay in trading suggests they have not created an algorithm to start trading from the tweets sent out by the President-elect, reports CNBC. If they had, it would have been instantaneous and you wouldn't see a 10-second lapse.

Tweets analyzed for future use

A market analysis firm, Running Alpha, claims tweets from the President- elect are a new source of information on the market, data that can be studied for patterns. This firm is actually analyzing Trump's tweets in such detail that they are looking at his tweets coming from his phone vs. his tweets from other devices that are influenced by his staff.

The tweets coming from Trump's Android phone "have been shown to reflect his personal beliefs and convictions," according to Efrem Hoffman who is the founder of Running Alpha. He finds Trump's tweets from his phone seem to be "unfiltered" in comparison to all his other ones, where some influence from his staff may be present.

Pattern in his tweets

Hoffman is actually sequencing the tweets coming from Trump under different terms and cross referencing them for a pattern. By finding keywords used in specific industries and looking for them in Trump's tweets he is hoping to develop an indicator of how certain stocks will perform after a tweet containing any of these keywords lets loose.

Poking companies on Twitter?

There is much more to analyzing this, but it starts with what Trump tweets out about a certain industry and how the stocks might perform once that tweet is read by the masses. Hoffman finds studying Trumps tweets to find a way to harness them as an indicator is more of an exercise related to academics than it is related to algorithms. Hoffman believes they will have data that is interesting to work with if Trump continues to use to Twitter to critique the performance of individual companies.

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