According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump has chosen former Marine General James Mattis as his nominee to be secretary of defense. Because Mattis has served in the active duty military within the past seven years, Congress will have to pass a special dispensation to allow him to assume the civilian job, something which it did once before for George C. Marshall.

Mattis has favored a tougher stand against America’s enemies, especially Iran, which he regards as a national security threat because of its drive to acquire nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles to deliver them. His appointment signals Trump’s intention to reverse the attempt to achieve a rapprochement with the Islamic Republic and to scrap the nuclear weapons agreement that many have compared to Munich in its lack of strength and its appeasement of the Tehran regime.

Mattis, if confirmed, will be in charge of a planned military buildup likely to rival the one that occurred when Ronald Reagan became president. The United States military has drastically downsized during the Obama years even as the threats to the United States have multiplied. Besides Iran and terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, Russia and China have become very aggressive in pursuing imperialist ambitions at the expense of the United States and her allies. The military buildup will be across the armed services, especially the Navy, and will include likely the introduction of space weapons.

Mattis will be the one member of the coming Trump administration who will be more colorful that the new president.

He has earned nicknames such as “Mad Dog” and “the Warrior Monk.” He is known for a series of sayings that reflect his philosophy of war fighting and life in general. One of the most famous of these sayings is, “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” No doubt that maxim raised the eyebrows of the Secret Service.

Mattis led some of the first troops into Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, led a division in Iraq, led the Marines in the Battle of Fallujah, and eventually rose to lead Central Command. He clashed with the Obama administration over military policy and had close ties with the Israeli military.

He is widely expected to be confirmed easily.

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