After a month of waiting, reports have confirmed that Donald Trump has finally selected his Secretary of State. Despite not being on top of an earlier short list for the job, Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson has been selected to lead the State Department..

Tillerson's ties

It was originally reported that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani , and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney were the two favorites to land the job as Secretary of State.

Retried Gen. David Petraeus and Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman were also in the running, but it was Rex Tillerson who leaped ahead of the competition at the last minute, and was finally selected by Donald Trump. NBC News first broke the story on December 10, as Tillerson's international ties have also been revealed in a report from The New York Times.

Since 1975, Rex Tillerson has been with the The Exxon Company, originally starting as a production engineer before working his way up to president, chairman, and also CEO of Exxon Mobil.

With an estimated yearly salary of over $27 million, Trump has added yet another millionaire to his cabinet. The biggest issue critics are likely to have with Tillerson, besides his obvious ties to big oil, is his history with Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

Russian love

Back in 2011, Rex Tillerson signed an agreement with Russia that allowed Exxon Mobil to conduct controversial drilling in the Arctic, with an estimated value of as much as $300 billion.

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Donald Trump

Unfortunately for both sides involved, current sanctions against Russia have prevented the deal from going into action.

In addition to the aforementioned deal, Tillerson was given the "Order of Friendship" award in 2013 by Putin himself.

Other controversial deals made by Tillerson on behalf of Exxon include an oil field development agreement he made with Kurdistan, that ended up violating Iraqi law.

Other conflicts

The Exxon CEO is also a Climate Change skeptic who, while acknowledging that humans do contribute to global warming, has gone on the record to state that "The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not." Tillerson is also known for his strong support of free trade, and opposition to government regulations.

Moving forward

The announcement that Rex Tillerson has been picked as Secretary of State comes at an awkward time, as it follows a report by the CIA that confirms Russia was likely involved in hacking into the presidential election. Tillerson's ties to the Kremlin are expected to be downplayed by Donald Trump and the administration, but it won't stop critics from speaking out against him.

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