Donald Trump has squashed the rumors swirling in the headlines concerning the living arrangements for Melania and his young son Barron. The First Family will take up residence in the White House when Trump becomes the President of this nation. Melania and Barron will lag behind so Barron can finish out his school year, but then the First Family will call Washington D.C. home.

First Family to live together

For the first few months as Barron finishes his school year in Manhattan, Melania will travel back and forth to the White House as the First Lady.

Trump was on Fox News Sunday and he was adamant when he stated "I'm going to live in the White House with my family," reports the Washington Examiner.

Barron's schooling

Barron won't be the first child of a president to finish out a school year before moving to Washington. Others have done this in the past. Trump said on Fox that it would be hard to pull Barron out mid-year. Although Melania and his son will be in Manhattan until the final semester is done for the year, they won't be strangers to the White House during their time living in NYC.

Ivanka's family moving to D.C.

Melania and Barron aren't the only members of the Trump brood moving to D.C., according to Donald Trump. Ivanka and her husband are house hunting. It is believed that Donald Trump's son-in-law will have some position in the administration, but there are roadblocks they need to navigate first.

Anti-nepotism road block?

Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner, might find anti-nepotism laws will get in the way of him joining his father-in-law's administration in a certain capacity.

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Donald Trump

Trump said he'd like to see both Kushner and Ivanka to have roles in his administration, but he did say they have to see "how the laws read" before that can happen.

Trump sees his son-in-law as "such a talented guy" and he believes Kushner would do a good job at working towards peace in the Middle East, along with other things, said Trump. If the laws allow it, Ivanka would be a welcomed addition to the administration by many of the voters.

Many see the way Ivanka and her siblings were raised as some of Trump's greatest accomplishments!

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