One has to hand it to Donald Trump. He is not yet president of the United States, but he is already using his influence to persuade (some might say strong arm) corporations to invest in American industry and jobs. First, he brokered the Carrier deal that saved the jobs of 1,000 people and the Christmas of their families in Indiana. Now he has persuaded a Japanese telecom called Softbank to invest $50 billion in the United States and create, it is estimated, 50,000 jobs.

On the one hand, any strict adherent to the free market has to cringe. Economic prosperity should not have to depend on the deal-making skills of an American president. On the other hand, Trump has pulled off another brilliant move that will be studied by politicians for as long as politics exist.

Part of Trump’s selling point is that the United States is likely to be a far friendlier place to do Business under his administration than it has been under Barack Obama.

Lower taxes, fewer regulations, cheap energy, and generous infrastructure spending may well combine to start an economic boom within the first year of Trump’s first term. If that happens, Trump will have done the great Ronald Reagan better. Reagan had to endure a severe recession before the 1980s boom wiped out Jimmy Carter’s economic malaise.

Trump has morphed from the most unlikely and in many respects unlikable presidential candidates to an unlikely president in waiting with a unique set of skills and experiences, not to mention a willingness to think outside the box, that will make him a different kind of president.

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Donald Trump

With a willing Congress, a prostrate opposition, and a growing popularity, Trump has the potential to be one of the great presidents in American history.

Who would have thought that was possible even two months ago?

Of course, Trump’s ego may get in the way. He tweeted soon after the deal was struck that it would never have happened had he not been elected president. That statement may be true, but certainly he was brash to take credit.

Then again, as the saying goes, it isn’t boasting if you can do it.

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