After Donald Trump was officially named the winner of the 2016 presidential election, many wondered if he would be able to bring the country together after a controversial campaign. With just a month remaining until Inauguration Day, massive protests have been announced by his critics, with the actual number of those attending the ceremony expected to be lower than the campaign had planned.

Trump's big day

Hillary Clinton was the overwhelming favorite to become the next president, so when Donald Trump was able to pull off the monumental upset, many people didn't even know how to react.

In the days following Election Day, thousands of angry Americans took to the street to voice their opposition to the billionaire real estate mogul. Despite Clinton winning the popular vote by nearly three million votes, Trump was able to officially net 304 electoral college votes to become the new commander in chief. As Trump plans for his big day, Raw Story reported on December 24 that the record crowd the president-elect was hoping for is unlikely to become a reality.

Originally reported by the McClatchy Washington Bureau, Donald Trump and his dream of record crowd on January 20 appears to be nothing but a far-fetched fantasy.

According to Jim Bendat, an expert on presidential inauguration history, the crowd will fall well short of Trump's expectations. "It's not even close," Bengat said.

According to those planning the event, a crowd of around 800,000 are expected to be on hand in Washington, D.C.

when the former host of "The Apprentice" becomes the new president. While that number might seem high, it's far less than even recent record numbers. In 2009, President Obama drew 1.8 million people to the capitol as the nation finally had its fist African-American commander in chief. In 2012, the crowd at the National Mall was less, but still found over a million people in attendance.

Moving forward

In the month leading up to Inauguration Day, Donald Trump will continue to finalize his administration. While usually a formality, Trump's transition has made headlines news on a nightly basis, as the president-elect continues to announce controversial cabinet picks, while lashing out on Twitter on a variety of topics.

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