When Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president, it wasn't a surprise that many pundits and hosts on Fox News were quick to stand by his side. As Trump continues to publicly feud with the media, the president-elect is also praising the conservative network in the process.

Trump on Twitter

In the year and a half since his campaign announcement, Donald Trump has been in a constant feud with various news outlets.

While Trump has clashed with some on Fox News, most notably Megyn Kelly, the network has been a consistent safe space for the billionaire real estate mogul. In the final weeks of the campaign, Trump all but disappeared when it came to giving mainstream media interviews, with the lone exception of Fox News. Over the last six weeks, Trump has continued his fight against the media and the press, which was evident once against on his official Twitter account on December 30.

"Russians are playing @CNN and @NBCNews for such fools - funny to watch, they don't have a clue!," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter, before adding, "@ Fox News totally gets it!" Trump's tweet was in regards to the latest news involving the Russian election hacking, and the Obama administration's official response.

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The tweet also came just hours after the president-elect praised Putin in a previous Twitter message.

While Donald Trump made a name for himself by criticizing and insulting nearly anyone who has gotten in his way, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be on a short list of people who are immune to criticism.

Over the last 48 hours, President Obama has announced sanctions against Russia for their reported hacking of the 2016 presidential election, which found that the Kremlin interfered with the goal of a Trump victory. Fox News, as expected, has taken Trump's side in casting doubt over the reports, which were confirmed by the CIA and the FBI. Other networks have stood by the findings, which Trump has not been happy about.

Next up

While most of the mainstream media are standing by the reports from the CIA and the FBI, it appears Fox News and other conservative outlets are continuing the partisan divide in the United States and backing Donald Trump. In less than a month, the former host of "The Apprentice" will be sworn in as the new commander in chief, and only then will the American people, and the international community, know where the United States will go moving forward.

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