Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the upset to become the 45th President of the United States, critics have been in a state of disbelief, while pondering how it actually all went down. One of the biggest lines of attack comes from the CIA who concluded that Russia hacked the election in favor of Trump, which the new president-elect continues to deny.

Trump busted

It was just over a week ago when The Washington Post broke the bombshell story that the CIA had been conducting a secret investigation.

In their conclusion, the CIA found that Russia had been responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee with the purpose of damaging Hillary Clinton and her chances in the election. Since then, the FBI and the White House have also verified the CIA's report, with NBC News later adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin was "personally" involved. Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing, and continues to express doubt that Russia would even take part in the hacking. As reported by CNN on December 19, Trump didn't always hold the views he currently promotes, which was exposed in the archives of Fox News.

During an interview with Fox News in 2014, Donald Trump addressed recent comments at the time in regards to hacking by China. FBI Director James Comey appeared on CBS' "60 Minutes" back in 2014 and expressed concern over hacking at the hands of China, which Trump told Fox News "I think that's great, I think what he said is fantastic." After further criticizing China, Trump voluntarily brought up the issue of Russian hacking, which he referred to as a "big problem."

"I think he's (Comey) 100 percent right, it's a big problem, and we have that problem also with Russia," Donald Trump told Fox News.

Not stopping there, the former host of "The Apprentice" went on to add, "You saw that over the weekend. Russia's doing the same thing." Trump's comments were in response to a report at the time that linked Russian hackers to a targeted cyber attack on NATO.

Moving forward

While evidence continues to mount that Russia was behind the hack of the DNC and the United States presidential election, Donald Trump and many of his supporters are sticking to their guns and denying the reports.

Despite the push back from Trump, a bipartisan effort is growing in Congress to put together a future investigation into the alleged Russian hacking, which includes Republican Sen. John McCain, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

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