President Elect Donald Trump has picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the head of the EPA. To hear the environmental lobby, one would think that the end of the world will result unless his nomination is blocked. Pruitt, along with a number of other states attorneys general, has been battling the current EPA over regulations that tend to cripple industry, especially power generation that uses fossil fuels.

Pruitt is a climate change skeptic, meaning that he is somewhat dubious about the theory that human caused co2 emissions are causing an uncontrolled rise in the Earth’s temperature that must be addressed now with draconian action least the world be destroyed in a few decades.

Pruitt and other attorneys general have been maintaining throughout the Obama administration that the EPA has been exceeding its authority by passing harsh regulations, not based on firm science, regulating industry.

Thus far the courts seem to be agreeing with Pruitt

Environmentalists are already claiming that Pruitt will, in effect, neuter the EPA, making it a nonfactor, ending all of environmental regulation. Little evidence exists to support that supposition. However, Pruitt, who is steeped in both environmental and constitutional law, will not be quite as expansive in pursuing regulations as the current head of the EPA has been.

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He is a skeptic, in any case, of rules that do not take into account of the economic cost that they entail.

Pruitt will likely pursue measures that foster economic growth and improve the Environment. The two principles are not necessarily in conflict. He will also insist that regulation be based on actual science, which will prove upsetting to the environmental lobby, used to getting its way for the past eight years.

Little chance exists that Pruitt will not be confirmed. The Senate is controlled by Republicans, and enough red state Democrats are in that body to make his confirmation all but assured. But the hearings are likely to be vivacious indeed. His selection confirms Trump’s keen awareness that over regulation has proven to be an impediment to economic growth and job creation. By removing the heady hand of government, the incoming president intends to rectify that situation.

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