Donald Trump's views on climate change

With Trump as our President-elect, there has been a surge of concern among the science community in terms of how he will act upon environmental policy, some fearing that he will dismantle it. Even popular scientists such as Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson have stepped up to the plate discussing how serious of an issue global warming is, hoping to make an influential point.

Stepping into the oval office soon, President-elect Donald Trump is having Myron Ebell (one of the biggest climate change skeptics) head the U.S. transition of the EPA. If you have wondered why environmentalists seem especially outraged, this is why:

A person doesn't just receive a title as one of the biggest climate skeptics without doing something to be looked at that way.

So what does he do and what does he stand for? Myron Ebell holds a background in economics and conservative Politics as he studied under conservative political philosophers through college. While his credentials are certainly acknowledgeable the issue is that the very nature of what he stands for could change this nation and the world.

Myron is now the director of the Comparative Enterprise Institute and coordinates energy and environmental policy. This group is funded by the large coal industry, which the Clean Power Plan developed under the Obama administration makes the effort to regulate due to carbon emission.

Another point is that Mr. Ebell strongly stands against the general consensus of climate change.

He has comfortably disregarded the statements of numerous scientists, even with substantial data to prove its relevancy. Moreover, Ebell is also head of the Cooler Heads Coalition, a group of individuals whose very aim is to dispel and refute any possible correlation to the idea of climate change and propose it simply as a myth.

In the end what makes this so bothersome is that having an individual like Myron as head of the EPA transition will make it extremely difficult for scientists to propose new and effective environmental policies to regulate the ecological impact that we all have.

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