Politico has a piece on General James Mattis, President Elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Defense Department and to rebuild the military that has been hollowed out by President Obama, claiming that he is just a little too obsessive about Iran. The animus seems to have begun with the 1983 bombing of the Marine Corps barracks in Beirut carried out by a terrorist trained by Iran. The attack killed 241 Marines.

Politico believes that Mattis wants some payback and that desire makes him dangerous.

The obvious comparison is with General Patton’s desire to start a war with Soviet Russia after World War II in Europe has concluded. Patton was right that the Soviet Union would become the main enemy of civilization in the post-war world. The idea of launching a war with that country in 1945 was madness. The implication is that Mattis wants to invade Iran and march on Tehran to effect regime change.

On the other hand, another way of looking at Mattis’ view is that it is a clear-eyed assessment of the threat that the Islamic Republic represents. Iran doesn’t have the military power of Russia or China. It has a restive population that would rather not live under the strict Shi'a Islamic regime that orders people who make music videos to be whipped to death. But what Iran has that the larger two countries lack is a willingness to take risks to take on “the Great Satan” meaning the United States.

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Donald Trump

The first act of war that Iran committed against the United States was to take a number of American diplomats as hostage and hold them against international law for 444 days. The Marine Corps barracks bombing was also a casus belli in that the United States would have been well within its rights to launch a military response. In the late 1980s, the United States Navy fought a low-grade war in the Persian Gulf against Iran due to that country’s attacks on oil tankers from rival countries.

Most recently, Iranian Revolutionary Guards took American sailors as hostages. Iran has also imprisoned American citizens without trial, an extension of its hostage taking strategy.

Iran is embarked on a nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development program desired to create an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction to attack Israel, Europe, its Middle East neighbors, and ultimately the United States.

The toothless nuclear weapons deal effected by the Obama administration has in no way impeded Iran’s drive for a nuclear arsenal. Iran continues to support terrorism throughout the world.

Taking all of those facts into consideration, one might conclude that Mattis is the right person to start turning around the American military and reshape strategy to focus on the various threats to American security.

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