When Donald Trump's infamous hot mic moment with Billy Bush caused a sensation, after video footage from 2005 was leaked to media outlets in October, CNN was all too happy to devote days to covering the story. Now the same network is facing backlash over its own embarrassing hot mic moment, in which a female CNN producer was heard making a tasteless joke about the president-elect's plane crashing.

On Friday, a representative for the network issued a statement to Business Insider apologizing for the "unfortunate and inappropriate" remark, adding that the producer who made the cringe-worthy joke has been disciplined.

CNN producer's joke sparks laughter from reporter

The incident in question took place on Thursday as the network was preparing for a live shot of President-elect Trump's arrival at the Carrier Corp. plant in Indianapolis. CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux was discussing off-camera hand signals with a female producer, when the producer made a hand gesture and said to Malveaux, "That means his plane's crashed -- just kidding."

The offensive remark prompted a shocked expression from Malveaux at first, followed by several seconds of laughter once the correspondent caught on to the joke.

Trump travels to Indianapolis

Trump was traveling to Indianapolis to give a speech at the Carrier Corp. plant. His speech centered around the air conditioning company's recent decision to keep about one thousand jobs in Indiana that the company originally planned to ship to Monterrey, Mexico.

Carrier announced that the company decided to keep the jobs in Indiana after discussions with members of the incoming president's administration and the state of Indiana. As a result of the negotiations, an agreement was reached that would award $7 million in tax incentives to United Technologies, Carrier's parent company.

Trump was highly critical of CNN's coverage during the 2016 presidential campaign, commenting jokingly on several occasions that the network's initials stood for the "Clinton News Network."

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