Has been actor Charlie Sheen, who has struggled with substance abuse problems and has admitted to contracting HIV, has already drawn attention to himself by begging God on Twitter to kill Donald Trump. Having been met with silence from Heaven, albeit anger from his fellow humans, the fired star from “Two and a Half Men” has turned to one of the Lord’s good servants for help in his quest to polish off the president-elect, according to the Washington Examiner.

Sheen tweeted, "C'mon,@tedcruz, in 4 years we can unseat this guy!! You bring the AWESOME, I'll bring the WINNING!!"

The tweet was accompanied by head shots of Sheen and Cruz in front of an American flag with the caption. “Sheen/Cruz 2020.”

Ted Cruz was sufficiently amused to tweet back, “Glad to see @CharlieSheen embracing conservative principles, but Americans just rejected another political dynasty.”

The tweet was posted with a picture of Charlie’s dad Martin Sheen as the fictional president he played in the fantasy-drama “The West Wing.”

Both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush tried and failed to establish political dynasties by running for president.

In any case, Sheen showed quite a bit of arrogance by casting himself on the top of the ticket that must be said to be a balance between the profane and the sacred, the depraved Hollywood celebrity and the sober, faithful senator.

Sheen’s life and career have been on the skids ever since he got fired from “Two and a Half Men” for being obnoxious. His subsequent sitcom, “Anger Management,” lasted only two seasons.

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So, why not become a Twitter troll and post outrageous things? It gets him in the news, and there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Cruz no doubt still harbors presidential ambitions and is keeping his options open. For now he has bent the knee to Trump and forgiven him for his many trespasses against himself and his family. 2020 may be too soon if Trump is a successful president. But there is always 2024 as Cruz is still a young man and will doubtless have more experience in the Senate to call upon by that time.

If he has the support of Charlie Sheen, he still might win the prize regardless.

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