Americans, in the wake of the anti-Israel resolution passed by the UN Security Council, are increasingly disenchanted with the world body, seen as corrupt and filled with third world dictatorships which advance an agenda that is opposed to peace and freedom. That the United Nations regularly ignores genocide and other acts of aggression committed by its members while beating up on Israel for building subdivisions has caused many to contemplate abolishing it as a useless, obsolete institution.

Charles Krauthammer, the columnist, and Fox News personality, had the most erudite solution.

Krauthammer said, according to the Daily Caller, ““I think that’s good real estate in downtown New York City. And Trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos.”

The good Dr. Krauthammer was speaking tongue in cheek, but he may be on to something here. What the mechanics would be for removing the United Nations headquarters from New York while the United States leaves the world body are uncertain.

But the effects should be salutary.

If the UN were to be abolished, it would no longer blunder about the world making bad situations worse. Diplomats would no longer be free to double park and regularly violate the law under cover of diplomatic immunity.

Maybe the former UN headquarters would be turned into a convention center rather than condos. It has plenty of office space that could be rented out and meeting rooms that could be used for visiting businessmen.

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Trump’s kids would just have to build a new hotel and refurbish the space to suit the new role of serving economic growth rather than the desires of third world bureaucrats who bribed their way to plum positions in New York, far away from the pest holes of the countries they represent.

Of course, such a move would elicit a lot of yelping from those people who benefit from free spending, corrupt diplomats carousing about New York.

Some will even imagine that the UN actually does some good besides oppressing tiny democracies and covering up for the atrocities of tyrants and terrorists. But those people should just be laughed at and shamed as the United Nations is cast away on the ash heap of history.

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