Udirley Damasceno was left stunned as he stood in front of a group of 300 family and friends when he was told that his bride-to-be, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, died in a Helicopter Crash just one mile away from the Wedding venue. The wedding was being held on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Four dead in horrible helicopter crash

As fate would have it, the helicopter that was supposed to make the wedding even more special than it already was crashed on its way to the venue, killing not only the bride-to-be, but also her brother Silvano Nascimento da Silva, the pilot Peterson Pinheiro, and the wedding photographer Nayla Cristina Neves.

Nayla Cristina Neves was six months pregnant.

A man who helped to organize the wedding, Carlos Eduardo Batista, after he was informed of the terrible tragedy that took place, contacted the pastor who helped him tell Mr. Damasceno of his fiancé’s untimely death. Batista told Globo, a news website in Brazil, that he had called the pastor who was already at the ceremony and that the pastor went with him to help to calm the groom. The almost-groom was understandably in shock and he, as well as the approximately 300 guests, didn’t quite know what to do or how to act in light of this news.

The cause of this tragedy is unknown

Investigators are trying to discover what could have been the reason behind the deaths of these four people and what could have made the helicopter go down. It has been speculated that the helicopter may have hit a tree due to bad visibility as a result of rain and fog.

The crash was discovered after the helicopter and it’s riders did not show up at a football field nearby the venue.

The wedding guests were told that there had been a crash in the area but that it was a plane, not a helicopter. The crash was thought to be unconnected at the time.

The helicopter, which was a Robinson 44, had permission to fly all the way until the 1st of February in 2017, according to the NCAA (National Civil Aviation Agency), and was allowed to fly with three people not including the pilot. The aircraft was not over its occupancy limit when it went down near a main road in a forested area about a mile from the wedding.

The rescue effort included eight fire engines but it was too late by the time they arrived. If all had gone well, the flight would have taken a mere 15 minutes.

Rubens Pires, a local man who claimed to see the crash said that it appeared as though the helicopter was spinning around like it was looking for a place to land. He said that the pilot went around twice before the propeller suddenly stopped and fell apart. He reported that he and those with him heard a crashing noise as the helicopter fell into the trees.

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