The FBI just held a press conference along with other local law enforcement agencies to address a terrorist threat received this morning in Los Angeles. They received a phone call from their international partner alerting about a potential terrorist attack to the Red Line Metro Station located at Universal City.

The tiptser used a public line to call the FBI's partner overseas to alert about a possible attack to the city's transit system. Not a lot of details have been disclosured at this time, other than the caller mentioning that someone was going blow up the off ramp station, which is adjacent to Universal City Walk.

The threat was supposed to take place tomorrow.

The area is near the Universal Studios, close to North Hollywood, and it is filled with restaurants, nightclubs, and movie theaters. The FBI did not elaborate on the nature of the threat except to say authorities haven't determined yet whether it is credible.

The Assistant Director for the Los Angeles FBI office, Deirdre Fike, wanted to assure Angelinos along with Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti and LAPD's Chief of Police Charlie Beck that they are working together to step up security throughout the city.

Fike also said that they are still working on to determine whether it is credible or not. However, Mayor Garcetti wants to let the poplulation know that they are stepping up security and that there is no reason to panic. LAPD Chief reinforced the mayor's statement by saying "If you see something, say something."

According to the press conference, the threat was very specific and was targeting the Universal City station, but the credibility still needs to be vetted out.

"Continue usind the red line. I plan to ride the Red Line tomorrow morning to show you how safe it will be," said Mayor Garcetti.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell is urging "people to always be vigilant as they go about their daily routine. We live in an era that we need to be more vigilant, we should more than ever say something if we see something".

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