Germany still in shock following Berlin terror attack

In an attack that's eerily similar to the one that took place last Summer in Nice, France, the latest attack involved a tractor-trailer that plowed through a bustling Christmas market in Central Berlin on Monday. At the time of this writing, the death toll is at 12, with another 48 injured. The attack took place in Berlin's Breitscheidplatz, according to The Guardian. The Telegraph puts the time of the attack at 8PM local time. There were more than 100 stalls from around the world, selling everything from festive decorations to children's toys.

What is known about the suspect(s)

According to the Telegraph, one suspect has been arrested so far. German media reports say that the suspect is a 23-year-old asylum-seeker with the name “Naved B.” At the time of this writing, there has been no official confirmation, however, it is worth noting that the suspect in question was picked up roughly a mile and a half away from the scene of the attack, near the Victory Column monument.

Berlin's public radio station, RBB-Inforadio later reported that the suspect is of Pakistani origin, and that he entered the country on December 31st of 2015 (according to an unnamed source). Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper also reported that the suspect was known to police for minor crimes.

UPDATE: Berlin police have just released the initial suspect in custody over lack of evidence. Under pressure to find the individual responsible for carrying out the terror attack, it has been reported that the police spent 24 hours questioning the wrong man.

“We have the wrong man,” an unnamed police source told Welt newspaper (via the Telegraph).

“This means that the situation is different. The real culprit is still armed and can commit further atrocities.”

Authorities have urged citizens to remain “particularly vigilant,” as the true culprit is still at large. They have also urged anyone that sees anything to report any “suspicious movement” to a special hotline.

It's likely to put citizens in an even further state of unease in the aftermath of an already tragic event, until the true suspect is in custody.

Vehicle used in Berlin terror attack

The Telegraph confirmed that the vehicle used to carry out the attack had Polish plates, and belonged to a Polish company. The truck itself reportedly plowed as far as 80 meters into the crowded Christmas market before stopping. The original driver of the vehicle (a Polish citizen who was found dead from a gunshot wound) was not the individual in control of the vehicle. Berlin police suspect that the vehicle was hijacked whilst making a delivery.

Adding to the theory of the vehicle being hijacked, the Polish company (ARIEL Zurawski) said that the driver left Poland and was Berlin-bound earlier in the day, but contact was lost around 3PM local time (2PM GMT), and it is believed that this is around the time that the hijacking took place.

The story is still developing, and more details will be released as they become available.

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