President Barack Obama’s invoking the great Ronald Reagan about the alleged love Republicans have with Russian President Vladimir Putin is causing face palming and eye rolling over at Hot Air. To be sure Donald Trump and some of his associates seem to be a little too prone to ignore the threat Putin poses. But then everyone remembers how during the 2012 campaign President Barack Obama mocked Mitt Romney when the then Republican candidate warned about the Russian threat to world peace. “The 1980s are calling and are asking for their foreign policy back.”

Since Obama was so dismissive about Putin and Russia, the Russians have annexed the Crimea and have participated in the massacre of Aleppo, slaughtering innocent civilians to prop up their client Bashir Assad.

The development that really has focused Obama’s mind, belatedly, has been reports that the Russians hacked DNC computer files in an operation to influence the recent election. The meme that Trump is Putin’s client is too tempting for Obama and the Democrats not to run with it.

The problem is that Trump’s bromance with Putin is not likely to survive the first time the Russian leader defies him, which inevitably he will. “No” or “nyet” is not a word that Trump enjoys hearing. When he hears it from Putin, he is likely to react badly.

The difference between Trump and Obama is that the former will push back against other countries who are being a bother on the world stage. Obama has tended to ignore rogue countries’ misbehavior, whether it has been Russia or China’s imperial drive in the South and East China Seas. As a result, no one respects the current president around the world.

Trump is going to be a different kind of president, more in the vein of Reagan than most people think.

Where Obama did not think respect was important, Trump will crave and demand it. As someone recently said on Fox News, the era of the pajama boy is drawing to a close and the alpha males are back. And about time too. Foreign policy will be a little more exciting and a lot less embarrassing.

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