The Obama Administration threw a last minute curve in the North Dakota Access Pipeline as the Army Corps of Engineer decided to deny an easement for the pipeline to cross underneath Lake Oahe, The rejection grinds the construction of the multi-billion dollar pipeline designed to convey fracked oil from the North Dakota shale fields to a port on the Mississippi. A coalition of protestors including local Native Americans and radical environmentalists cheered the apparent victory while supporters of energy independence and Republican Donald Trump supporters decried the decision as “lawless” and politically motivated.

The decision is seen a short-lived, however. Donald Trump, who is due to be sworn in as president next January 20, is a supporter of the pipeline and is expected to reverse the rejection and order the pipeline to proceed. By that time the harsh North Dakota winter will have likely driven away most if not all the protestors who have engaged in violent acts, brawling with local law enforcement and committing vandalism against pipeline construction equipment.

The Obama administration likely knows that its rejection is very liable to be temporary. The question arises, why did it make the decision to reject the last leg of the pipeline? The only conclusion that one can make is that it was done out of spite, as a sop to the environmental lobby and a poke in the eye for the incoming Trump administration, sure to be much more for fossil fuels than the current one has been.

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Donald Trump Renewable Energy

For the nearly past eight years, the Obama administration has waged a war on the fossil fuel industry, obstructing and then stopping the Keystone XL pipeline designed to take oil from the Alberta tar sands to refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast, closing off federal lands and offshore areas to drilling, and attempting to shut down the coal industry. At the same time, the current White House has made a number of unwise subsidy investments in Renewable Energy, including an infamous one in the solar firm Solyndra which subsequently went bankrupt.

Part of Trump’s strategy to renew the American economy is to gain access to abundant, domestic energy. Such a move is designed to attract more manufacturing and to keep jobs in the United States. Obama has been less interested in economic growth and job creation and more keen to fight climate change, hence the war on fossil fuels.

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