Another Barron Trump photo is jolting the public, but this time it's confirmed as fake. An image of Barron and his father looking at a framed photo has been digitally modified to make people think it's Melania Trump in the nude from her GQ magazine shoot 16 years ago. It was just last week that a separate image was circulated on social media of the future First Kid propped up on his mother's lap to shoot a photo of her as she's leaning back against the sofa. Many thought it was inappropriate, but it's the real thing.

Fake can be convincing

The future President of the United States and his 10-year-old son are definitely not interacting over the GQ cover photo that Melania Trump did back in January 2000. The real photo in the frame is of an unidentified, but rather sophisticated-looking man that Trump presumably admires.

The images are seen below, with the authentic one on the top of Barron taking a photo of his mother, and the one under it is of he and his father pointing to a digitally modified photo frame that was transformed into the GQ magazine cover of his mother.

Inquisitr did a little digging and learned that the real Donald and Barron Trump photo didn't show Melania as the subject in the unedited version.

The photo was shot by Regine Mahaux for Getty Images back in January of this year. This image isn't found easily on the web. A search on Getty Images' website will bring this up with a collection of others from the same photo session.

Where photo came from

The photo was taken on January 6, 2016 when the photographer was granted access to Donald, Melania, and Barron at their penthouse home in Trump Tower.

The real photo of Barron taking a photo of his mother was shot by the same photographer. According to the description at Getty Images, the first son was using a new FUJIFILM instax mini 90 camera.

Perhaps what's more disturbing than the mistaken belief that Donald and Barron Trump were looking at Melania's nude photo, is the insane trend of fake news and various forms of media being passed around. It's a real epidemic, and no one should be quick to believe everything they read or see.

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