Over the last couple of months, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has gained tons of media traction. Hundreds of people have gathered at standing rock to revolt against the continued construction of the pipeline, including veterans. Today, it was learned that the constant protesting was a success as the Army Corp of Engineers announced that they would not issue the permit to allow DAPL to cross under the Missouri River, therefore they will look for an alternative route for the pipeline.

What is DAPL?

The Dakota Access Pipeline is being built by a Texas-based oil company in North Dakota to carry thousands of barrels of crude oil underground.

Its construction has run its course through the Sioux Reservation ancient burial mounds. But most importantly, the primary concern for the activists is that it will be routed under the Missouri River. This is a 2,341 mile-long river, the largest in North America, and the main source of water on the Sioux Reservation. If something happens and DAPL ruptures, this will extremely pollute water throughout America, greatly affecting the current and future generations.

After the U.S. Court Of Appeals denied the ruling to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on October 10, 2016, also known as Indigenous People’s Day, an extreme upheaval occurred. Since then, many activists from around the world have gone to Standing Rock, camped out, and stood in solidarity with the Sioux tribe in efforts to halt the construction of the pipeline.

Alternative route for DAPL

Today, all of the efforts to halt the pipeline’s construction have been rewarded. The Army Corp of Engineers announced that they would not issue the permit that would allow DAPL to cross under Lake Oahe, a source of water supply that connects to the Missouri River. As the news was relayed to the people of Standing Rock, Native or non-Native, cheers filled the lands.

Due to the decreasing temperatures, government officials said that all activists have until Monday to leave Standing Rock.

The Sioux tribe, who has been the heart and soul behind the protests, have become a protest symbol for the American culture.

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