For 22 days Sherri Papini was missing after she was last seen going out for a jog around her California neighborhood. Three weeks went by and she was left by the side of a roadway about 140 miles away from her home by two women abductors. Still wearing the chain around her waist that her captures used, she screamed so loud and hard that she coughed up blood.


Mystery surrounds this abduction today and there are certain factors that are raising suspicions that this might have been an elaborate hoax, according to The New Daily. Papini's husband has been telling his wife's abduction story while she recuperates from her ordeal.

When found she was an emaciated 85-pounds after her abductors starved her.

It was Thanksgiving morning and not one person would stop to help her. She was chained to a heavy object, but police did not disclose just what that object was. It was then she looked down and realized the chain was very visible and people might think she had escaped from prison. This thought made her tuck the chain into the pants she was wearing, but despite the continuous screams for help, no one stopped, according to the International Business Times.


This 34-year-old mom of two continued to scream and finally, a woman driving by called the police. Keith Papini was thrilled to get his wife back alive but heartsick to hear about the ordeal she'd been through, he reported via numerous interviews.

Her long blond hair had been chopped off and she was battered and bruised.

She had a broken nose and she had been branded. The area of her body where this branding is located has not been revealed. The branding was a message of some type. Again this is another detail being kept under wraps by the police. Police are looking for two armed Hispanic women who drive a dark-colored SUV and who pushed Sherri out on the side of the road and left her chained to the heavy object.


As this mystery unfolds there are questions about Sherri possibly knowing her abductors and possibly being abducted from some place other than her jogging outing. Keith Papini had started a GoFundMe page that has gathered almost $50,000.

The money is to help "Bring Sherri Home Safe" and was to go directly to her family to be used in efforts to find her.

The final line states that "Every dollar counts as time is critical." As of Friday morning, the GoFundMe page for Sherri Papini is "no longer accepting donations."

Some find this a bit odd considering the police and other law enforcement agencies were working on the missing Mom's case, which of course doesn't come with a bill. A distraught husband worried over his missing wife and the mother of his children traditionally wouldn't take the time to attempt to raise money. People who commented on the GoFundMe page assumed the money would help support the family because Keith probably wasn't working while his wife was missing.

Neatly placed clues?

Keith Papini found his wife's phone and using an iPhone app the day she went missing.

When his wife didn't pick the kids up from daycare and didn't come home he started his own search. He found them a few miles away from their home in a grassy, wooded area. He then alerted police that his wife was missing.

The sheriff suggested that the phone and headphones were placed "a little too neatly" in the woods. This is not what you would expect in an abduction case as the phone was facing up and the headphones were lightly coiled and placed on top of the phone's screen. Sheriff Bosenko said, “It did somewhat appear to be that they were placed there purposely.”

Making the rounds

The police have their plate full with this case as they said earlier in the investigation that her abduction could have something to do with sex trafficking.

Law enforcement officials are not happy that Keith Papini appeared on TV discussing the case. His appearance "blindsided" those working on the case and some of the information he revealed could "affect the outcome of the investigation."

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