A woman in Texas moved into her new neighborhood with her young daughter and numerous animals. While it is normal to have domestic pets, it is frowned upon to house and care for monkeys, #Tigers, a fox, cougar and skunk in a residential area. The animals were discovered after allegations of an online scam. The woman, Trisha Meyer was trying to sell an exotic kitten online illegally.

Authorities investigate woman with animals

When moving in the area in Harris County, Texas, Trisha Meyer settled in with her daughter and several large, wild animals. She never sought permission or permits to house such animals and faces charges for having them in a residential area.

Other charges include the endangerment of her daughter due to such dangerous animals on the premises.

The Harris County Public Health Department clearly stated that the animals are large and considered very dangerous. To keep such animals, they must be registered and kept in an enclosure that is at least 1,000 feet away from homes and schools, which they clearly were not.

Charges against woman keeping exotic animals

Meyer has faced similar charges in Nevada and other areas where she lived for the same issues. With her arrest in Nevada, the woman is being extradited back to Texas to face charges there. Authorities are now looking into how the woman obtained the exotic animals. She was found living with four tigers, a skunk, a cougar, a fox, several monkeys and her 14-year-old daughter that she home schools.

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The woman was charged with harboring these wild animals in her home, roaming freely on the property and she also faces charges of endangerment to her child.

Allegedly, the woman had permits for the tigers, and when arrested, her daughter was noted petting several of the wildlife. The woman stated that the tigers are large enough to be dangerous and the monkeys could also be vicious. After authorities had raided her home, the animals were removed, and Meyer is facing jail time for allegations against her. She currently doesn’t have an attorney to speak on her behalf. #Exotic animals #Endangered