Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate whose performance in the recent presidential election resulted in a dismal showing, is refusing to remove herself from public attention. First, she was one of the addled people ranging from Jesse Jackson to the prime minister of Canada who marked the passing of Cuba’s tyrant Fidel Castro with inappropriate praise. “Fidel Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire.

Presente!” Then there is her initiative to force a recount of votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania states that Donald Trump won which placed him over the top. The Hillary Clinton campaign has joined in that effort.

Stein has raised lots of money, some of which would go toward these recounts, some of which would go into her coffers for what she says are “voter integrity efforts.” The natural suspicion, as Donald Trump suggested, is that the operation is a scam to make sure that Stein hangs around as a political nuisance and set up another run for the presidency in 2020.

Why are so many people giving money to an effort that most analysts think is unnecessary and will not change the outcome of the election anyway? The answer can be found in the adage ascribed to P.T. Barnum that there is a sucker born every minute. Barnum may or may not have actually said that, but the statement is true especially where politics is concerned.

Why is the Hillary Clinton campaign joining the effort, even though even President Obama is saying that it is time to let it go and move on?

One could be forgiven for thinking that, considering her hysterical reaction on election night when the news came she had lost, that the candidate is clinging to the forlorn hope that this, for her, nightmare may come to an end and that she really will be declared the next president of the United States.

Team Trump would be advised to make sure no funny business happens if and when these recounts occur.

The Democrats have stolen more than one election by manipulating recount efforts, coming within a hair’s breadth of overturning the results of the 2000 election in Florida. Then, the campaign of death threats against Trump electors actually merits investigation. Are those offers to kill people unless they switch their votes to Hillary a spontaneous eruption of demented Democrats? Or is someone orchestrating it?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to look into the matter just as soon as he is confirmed.

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