Recently on Drudge report, many links were featured which showed that despite her claims to accept the voting results on election night (as well as having dressed down for Trump on national TV for not making such a promise) Hilary Clinton has joined Jill Stein and the rabid anti-Trump crowd in calling for a #recount. It is known that Trump won Michigan by a near landslide of almost 10,400 votes depending upon the source, and that the state does not use any electronic voting machines. Therefore the likelihood of any recount effort being a success is dismal, at best. The American Thinker online even reported recently that no recount ever overturns thousands of votes.

The goal seems to be to tie up the system with a recount that carries on past inauguration day so that Trump sits at 260 and Clinton at 232, which would put them both shy of the needed 270. When this was done in 1824 (the only time in US history that it has happened) it reverted to Congress with a result of Adams over Jackson, even though he had fewer electoral votes than Jackson, as recently covered in depth on "The Media Speaks" live Sunday Edition by David Lake.

Trump and the popular vote

One of the things that the #left is claiming is that Clinton won the popular vote, not only in PA, WI, and MI where the recounts are to happen, but as a whole. While this may ring ironically enough as a populist cry to the Stein's of the world, it seems to be an argument with no merit.

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Yahoo News showed that Trump tweeted of numbers proving that when the vote of illegal's were factored out, he also won the overall popular vote by a significant margin. It is suspected that over three million votes were cast by those who are not legally allowed to vote in the US. Beyond that, there is still a question of how many fraudulent dead votes were cast. These votes, for some reason, quite often are votes cast for Democrats. WND online delivered another woeful angle to this all when they reported that members of the Electoral College have been called “hateful bigots”, as well as having to deal with threats such as, “....I will put a bullet in your brain.”! These are the kinds of threats and refusal of rightful and legal transfer of power that is seen in third world nations.

Hurting Trump's mandate

There may be a reason that is far different from the suspected motive of stealing the White House at play here, as the right accuses. This could be about attempting to damage the clear mandate that Trump received from the American people.

With this done, Trump could enter the White Houses tarnished in reputation before he even lifts a pen to fix Obamacare. This ploy would also open up the chance to divide Congress in favor of the left since Trump's mandate also saw the GOP winning both houses. The chances of Hilary Clinton managing to overcome these facts is daunting almost beyond feasibility. If Democrats were to pull off such a victory, there would likely more violent riots in the streets than we are seeing now, the rule of law would be forever in question, on the world stage American elections would appear more shady than was the case with Bush in Florida, and lastly, with the USA so deeply entrenched in the United Nations, who can say what kind of voter fraud committees would crop up overnight?

Trump needs to stay focused.

At this point, it would seem that Trump's best option is to remain focused on assembling his staff, his cabinet, and like posts. This is the kind of thing that legal teams are hired for, and by Trump's own words, no one has a better legal team in Washington. Attorneys with years of nuanced political experience and knowledge that equal Trump's experience in business and deal making need to be trusted to shine at this important time if they are to be of use during his coming four years in office. The time is now to trust them to keep him informed and at the wheel of major decisions, but at the end of the day, he needs to make America great again. That needs to be his focus. #Donald Trump