Walmart's Black Friday 2016sales will once again be contained in one of the most anticipated sales flyers to emerge for the holidays. Folks can't wait to see Walmart's sales, especially when it comes to HDTVS, HDR TVS, 4K TVs Smart TVs and electronics. It is hard to beat the prices this giant national retailer offers for their Black Friday Deals.

Not a typo

According to i4U News, Walmart has launched and early bird Black Friday 2016 special with a 32-inch Smart TV deal for only $125.

How can they do this and who wouldn't take advantage of a sale like this? According to i4U this price is not a typo as this is the same TV deal that Walmart offered last year for their holiday sales. They are also advertising this TV in their flyers today, so this deal really does exist!

Electronics and TV's galore!

During the same time period Walmart is offering an RCA Android with a keypad for only $49.98.

The Apple iPad mini is offered at a sale price of $259 and a Lenovo laptop computer is a deal at $229. Do you remember the days when a laptop computer set you back at least $1,000? Those days are gone and it seems as if with each new year the prices go down and the technology gets even better!

Busiest shopping day of the year

This sale is a prelude to their Black Friday sales, but if you like to get your holiday shopping done and out of the way, it appears Walmart is offering prices that rival their typical Black Friday sales. This year Walmart is slated to publish their Black Friday 2016 flyer on November 11 and that is one online ad that folks swamp to.

Highlyanticipated flyers

The other big name stores traditionally release their Black Friday deals around the same time as Walmart. Amazon is also getting a jump on their Black Friday sales with an early bird sale of their own. Target, Best Buy, and Kmart also offer flyers for the busiest shopping day of the year that shoppers flock to as soon as they are revealed online. Within the next few weeks, the Black Friday sales ads will saturate the online shopping world!

A TV for everyone on your list?

Chances are you spend more money grocery shopping each week than you would spend on that $125 Smart TV offering by Walmart this year. At that price you could get everyone on your list a TV or you can even buy it for yourself. Maybe you have a room in your house that you've been thinking about adding a TV to? Now would be the perfect time to do so with Walmart offering up one of the best prices aroundfor a 32-inch Smart TV.

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