It can happen to anyone who lives near bodies of water. Mosquitoes can come up and bite you, leaving a red dot or a painful welt on your arm. But when Zika was discovered this year, many pregnant women fell victim to its disease and delivered babies with microcephaly, an abnormally small head which could stunt brain growth and development. Now the World Health Organization (W.H.O) says this disease is no longer a global cause for alarm.

Zika around the world

We knew about Zika and the spreading concerns thanks to the Rio Olympics that took place this summer. Some athletes were against taking part of the Olympics in Rio because they either wanted families or had started to try and expand their families.

Zika is known for affecting the development of a fetus before it is born, causing brain damage or stunted growth to a fetus' normal development. Retired swimmer Mike Phelps had his kid Boomer at the Olympics. Both Mike and his wife were concerned about their child being bitten by the mosquito that carries the Zika virus, but Boomer was always protected with bug spray that was great for infants and carried deet.

While many people protested concerns for travel to Rio or any other South American country, people took heed of the warning and made sure that they followed every mosquito protocol to prevent the disease from getting to them. W.H.O will continue their watch on some South American countries next year during their summer months.

Zika in the US

After the Rio Olympics, there were growing cases of Zika throughout the United States.

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Several of the cases were in the state of #Florida. The city affected in Florida, Miami. In Miami the Wynwood neighborhood, which used to be a poor low-income neighborhood, was where many of the cases were caught. Then the disease began to spread to South Beach, a popular tourist destination known for its nightclubs and white beaches. Eventually other cities in Florida began to feel the spread of Zika. There are now current cases of the Zika virus in Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Zika as a threat

The World Health stated that they have removed their emergency warning from the Zika virus because it is now considered a threat. The CDC has warned pregnant women not to travel to infected areas where Zika may be spread. If you are to go outside, wear repellent that contains deet. A fashion designer in Phoenix, Arizona has made clothing with deet located in the material which can help prevent mosquitoes from biting you as you do your morning exercises. Dr. Heymann of the World Health said, "We are saying Zika is here to stay." I do believe that is the case. #ZikaVirus #Brazil