In many Asian countries like Korea, Thailand, and China, dog meat is considered a delicacy. The dogs (and cats) are raised for the purpose of slaughter, living through deprivation and torture. The animals are kept in filthy, cramped crates their entire lives, without protection from the elements. Most never know what it feels like to touch solid ground, have regular food and water. Their eardrums are burst purposely to prevent them from barking. No #Animals should endure what these commonly domesticated pet’s bear, and through extreme intervention, a select few dogs get rescued and saved.

Help for animals in the dog meat industry

Dogs in Asian countries are often doomed from the moment they are born.

The animals are raised for the #Dog Meat Trade, living in gloom and doom. The dogs get no companionship, exercise, proper food or any water. In front of other live animals, in broad daylight, the poor dogs are often hung, electrocuted, get their throats slashed, are beaten and boiled or beaten to death, all for the purpose of human consumption. These people believe that the more a dog suffers, the better the meat. They have the same regard for cats that are frequently boiled alive.

Dogs in other countries like Asia do not get the same respect and care as those we cherish as pets. However, there are some organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand that is dedicated to helping cats and dogs. Their effort is to combat the dog meat trade and work with other organizations here in the USA like the Hope Emergency Animal Rescue, where fortunate dogs get a new lease on life, like Danica and Bridget.

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Two dogs get rescued from illegal dog meat trade in Thailand

Once Danica and Bridget placed their feet on solid ground in Phoenix, Arizona, their lives took on new meaning. The dogs find new lives and owners. Danica is a five-year-old medium-sized black terrier mix breed, and four-year-old Bridget is a small yellow lab mix. The two dogs were among several others in a truckload of rescues who found new homes. Danica will live with new owners in Gilbert while Bridget found a permanent residence with owners in Chandler. Many of the local shelters were not even aware of the devastation from the illegal dog meat trade.

Helping dogs like Danica and Bridget will not be easy since they never experienced love, attention, and care of a loving family. One of the new pet owners told reporters that “If the goal is to make people aware, then maybe these two dogs are just the beginning. We can make a difference on how things are done.” The other rescuer stated that if he rescued his dog from Animal Care and Control, and believed if he could, he would rescue more since more dogs need homes like Danica and Bridget whose new owners are making a big difference in their lives. #Animal Advocacy