The best that can be said about Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s night to see “Hamilton,” the smash hit musical about the founding father, is that it was not nearly as unpleasant as Abraham Lincoln’s last outing at the theater. He was greeted by mixed boos and cheers when he arrived to take his seat. Some of the musical numbers were interrupted by audience members carrying on about the vice president-elect. At the end of the performance, one of the cast members came out and offered a plea to Pence to respect the diversity of America and to protect all Americas, even those who might be illegally in the country.

“Hamilton” is noted for its use of hip-hop in its musical numbers and its creative casting of African American and Hispanic actors in the roles of some of the founding fathers, all of them white men. The musical has played to sold out audiences and critical acclaim.

Pence has thus far not commented on how he was treated at the performance. He might have noted that just over 150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln had to be carried out of Ford’s Theater after being shot by the actor and political activist John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln subsequently died, the first American president to be assassinated. Pence, at least, was able to walk out of the Broadway theater unmolested, at least physically.

The spectacle may be a foretaste about what Trump, Pence, and other members of the upcoming administration have to expect when attempting to go out on the town on social occasions. The election of Donald Trump is still eliciting bizarre and even off putting behavior ranging from a Texas mom who put her little son out of the house for voting for the man in a mock school election to Neil degrasse Tyson offering to sexually assault the president-elect in what must be a poor attempt at humor.

To be sure, Trump is going to be a different kind of president, a man who had no experience at public service who, contrary to all expectation, snagged the top job. Many people are still trying to come to grips with the idea.

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