The UFO 2.0 houseboat isn't a vessel of the far-off future, as the Italian mini-yacht company has designed a houseboat that is expected to be available in 2018. The living quarters of the UFO vessel, which is called the Jet Capsule, are above the ocean surface so you can take in the ocean sights. When it's time to turn in for the night, you go below in this UFO (Unidentified Floating Object).

Watch aquatic life out of your bedroom window!

The sleeping quarters are beneath the sea and equipped with a picture window to see your ocean-faring neighbors swim by!

Jet Capsule is the name of the company and as soon as they get the costs of making a quantity of these UFO houseboats down pat, they are ready to start production.


Since this Jet Capsule is literally a houseboat that you can live in, the projected cost of $200,000 isn't out of the average person's league. Can you imagine being lulled to sleep at night as the UFO vessel sways in the waves while you gaze out the underwater window at the schools of fish swimming by?

New and improved

According to New Atlas, the first model the company developed was 41-feet in diameter, but the second model is bigger at 65-feet in diameter, offering more living space on this houseboat. What is great about these UFO 2.0 vessels is that they can be used for other things besides a home to live in.

They can be used as a restaurant, gym or any other type of business you may conjure up. The newer version, which is called the UFO 2.0, is much more refined and updated from the first plans they revealed.

All the comforts of home, and then some!

If you plan to look into one of these UFO houseboats for a home, you will find that they've spared nothing when it comes to all the comforts.

On the first floor you will find the kitchen and bathroom. Then you walk upstairs and you will find a hot tub, along with a seating area, which is near the controls to maneuver the vessel.

Different versions of UFO 2.0

Down below the water line on the lower level of this UFO vessel there is one huge bedroom and a bathroom, but that is in just one of the models.

You have the option of up to four bedrooms down below! Jet Capsule is pondering a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds needed to build these vessels. The model UFO 2.0 is what they will build and they might even offer a night on one of their finished Jet capsules as a reward for contributing to their future Kickstarter campaign.