U.S. Presidential election #Politics is now officially a dead heat in many battleground states in the seven days leading up to the election. The 'PBS News Hour' featured experts who have proclaimed the Presidential race “within the statistical margin of error” between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump in these critical battleground states: North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and New Hampshire. The U.S. Presidential #campaign, now seven days to the election, is about to implode or go nuclear. The old reality is out; the new reality is in. The onslaught of constant Wikileaks data dumps potentially implicating Secretary Clinton along with the announcement last Friday that the FBI has reopened an inquiry into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email server could change the course of the election.

The FBI’s investigation is based on emails found on the laptop computer owned by disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Wiener, who is married to (yet estranged from) Clinton campaign advisor Huma Abedin.

Election shift: Clinton team scrambles as Trump's team galvanized

Election politics now looking like a blood-sport. Donald Trump tweeting “Huma Abedin, the top aide to Hillary Clinton and wife of perv sleazebag Anthony Wiener, was major security risk as collector of info.” According to 'The Guardian' newspaper, “Hillary Clinton called on the FBI to ‘immediately’ explain its review of a new batch of emails that the agency said appeared to be pertinent to the previous investigation into her use of a private email server.” ('Hillary Clinton demands FBI show its hand in fresh email probe', 'The Guardian,' 10.29.16) At her Press Conference on October 28th, Clinton said this, “I have now seen Director Comey’s letter to Congress.

We are eleven days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Voting is already underway in our country. The American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately.” (www.zerohedge.com'Hillary holds four minute press conference: demands ‘full and complete facts’ from FBI' October 28, 2016).

Meanwhile, at Donald Trump’s campaign rally his announcement of the FBI re-opening its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails brought jubilant cheers from his supporters. Mr. Trump said to the crowd, “I have great respect for the FBI for righting this wrong. The American people fully understand her corruption and we hope all justice will finally be served.

This is the biggest scandal since Watergate, and I’m sure it will be properly handled from this point forward.” ('New York Times' Video via 'Associated Press.' ‘This changes everything: Donald Trump exults as Hillary Clinton’s team scrambles' 'The New York Times', October 28, 2016.)

How Donald Trump could win the Presidency

The voting landscape in U.S. Election politics could potentially shift in a seismic way, especially with further revelations coming almost daily,at a head-spinning pace: Clinton's 650K emails and today allegations that Trump campaign has ties to a Russian bank. However, political pundits and analysts have said that if Mr. Trump wins key battleground states-and if Trump were to take one or two important states from Clinton’s win column-he would win the election.

The most recent NBC News “Decision 2016 Battleground Map” has these states as a “toss-up” –meaning, each state could go either to Clinton or Trump: Florida, Iowa, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Ohio. Donald Trump tweeting today, "$25 million raised online in just one week! Record week! Today we set a bigger record." So what are the likely scenarios, where Donald Trump might win? It is a lot easier than you think: Trump only has to win the states that are in a statistical dead heat, shore up the states that are already in his column, and take away at least one of the states that is leaning Democratic.

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