A battle erupted inside Trump's camp over the Thanksgiving holiday as Trump's choice of #Mitt Romney as front-runner for Secretary of State has soured even his most loyal supporters. Many found just the idea of Trump contemplating bringing Romney on board to be appalling and now that he's actually seen as the favorite for that post, well...they are peeved.

Bygones not bygones for some!

Romney staging a full-blown attack on Trump during his campaign was far too disturbing to let bygones be bygones for some of the Republican leaders today. Even Kellyanne Conway, who some might say played a big part in Trump winning the election, tweeted about the anger over Trump's possible pick of Mitt Romney for the Secretary of State position.

Conway hearing the noise

According to SCMP News, this "appeared to be a bad sign for Romney." Her tweet reported that she was receiving an overwhelming amount of social media and private comments about Romeny's possible appointment. She writes that even "some Trump loyalists warn against Romney as sec of state."

Alarms sounding over Romney

CNN reports that Conway "publicly sounded alarm bells" on Thanksgiving Day tweeting about the anger she is seeing among supporters of Trump over Romney being the leading contender for the Secretary of State position. Mike Huckabee and Newt Gringrich are two of those loyalists that are disturbed over Romney's future prospects for that post.

Romney not a good fit for Trump

Huckabee is still upset over Romney's actions, which he sees as trying to "derail" Trump's campaign.

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Gingrich sees Romney as not harboring the same "tough-minded" policies that put America first, as Trump does. Gingrich said he "could think of 20 other people" who would be much more "compatible" with the foreign policy Trump has in mind.

Besides the two women Trump appointed this week, so far Trump's future cabinet mainly consists of white older men. These men draw hardcore lines when it comes to Islamic extremism, immigration and the other issues Trump has run on. Apparently Romney would be the odd man out under these conditions. #Donald Trump