While it remains to be seen how Trump plans to “drain the swamp” while talking to various swamp dwellers such as Mitt Romney (who not only knows these swampy trails well but also attacked Trump all during his run), the way that Trump is keeping his promise to make America great again with amazing job deals seems to be fully intact. This is seen by the fact that Trump and Pence both are working out a deal to keep #Carrier #Jobs, over 1,000 of them, in Indiana.

This should be seen by those on the left who are in favor of solid wages for those who work hard every day as a tremendous win. After all, the left has had the back of the union worker for many, many years.

However, there are still liberal's who seem bent on disliking any victorious idea Trump succeeds in, even one such as this, which is far more idealistically left leaning than it is libertarian/alt-right nature; yet they can not allow themselves to see this as a good thing for the nation as whole. This can be seen in the way that liberal columnist Jared Bernstein downplayed what he alluded to as a small amount of jobs. Considering that 1,000 jobs (authors note: some sources say 2,000), with an average of two parents and on child – a guess that would be on the conservative side – we are talking about the lives of 3,000 people. That's as many people as died on 9/11, so it is not a small number.

Biased against Trump

The trouble here is that in Reagan's day, while many Democrats took issue with the man, a lot of politicians on the left worked with Reagan for the good of the nation, even if they were not all “Reagan Democrats”.

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Today the hatred is so strong on the left that they refuse to see that if Trump were to repeat once president what he is doing before he is officially even sworn in, we could be talking about a lot of jobs, even in a world where 181,000 jobs were created last month. It should also be noted that in that 181,000 are a lot of poorly paying jobs, as well as temp work for the Christmas season. The jobs that Trump is saving are in the middle to higher end of the average man's salary.

Also, beyond that 1,000 worker number that was scoffed at is another factor- those that Carrier feed every day by proxy. That is to say, the 100's if not thousands of trucks and haulers who deliver to Carrier every month. Their routes would all be cut if those “few” 1,000 jobs were not saved. Add to that the restaurants and hotels in the area that feed those that fly in to do business with the plant. This could even affect to some degree the nightclub/nightlife in the area.

There are also the companies that get paid to remove the trash from the area, a contract that likely pays a lot of money to some company that has checks to write, too.

How about those who are hired to pave the parking lot, landscape the grounds, and if not done in house, those that paint and repair things inside the plant? Even if the repairs on the major items are done in house, plumbing, wiring, and the like are probably not in-house if the crew is only 1,000 so these jobs must be factored into the victory as well. The amount of people who have jobs that depend on Carrier that are not even directly hired by Carrier clearly is in the thousands. This is why often when a plant closes or moves, a whole town dies, not just the 1,000 or so people who got cut.

Four years of Trump

Now imagine if Trump can do this again and again. Yes, his own party will attack him for not being part of the NWO and selling out America's birthright. The left will attack him even if he is pretty much agreeing with Bernie Sanders on such deals, as both men have said before. Companies will swear that he's a socialist because he will not bow to Wall Street as they push for costs to come down via outsourcing. He will be hated by both sides, but he shall be cherished by the American people, for he would have made America great again, indeed. As the left plotted a recount, Trump went to work as that very task. This could be a good four years. #Donald Trump