Donald Trump's campaign embarked on a "rigged" call to a Nevada courtroom where the Judge basically said they had no business being there after taking a look at their case. The campaign asked the judge to pull some early voting ballots on the grounds they might be needed for evidence because early voting places stayed open hours after their designated time. 

Campaign laughed out of court?

The Washington Post describes the court's response to these campaign folks as basically being laughed out of that courtroom in Nevada. Judge Gloria Sturman told the lawyers for Trump's side that what they are asking of the court is something that is done already by law.

The state is required by law to hold on to the ballots once they've been counted.

It's a done deal already!

Trump's representatives told the judge that they wanted the county to hold on to the votes in case there's a  "post election challenge." But they didn't need to come into court to have that done, as the state law mandates that they do that anyway. Apparently Trump's camp wanted to have the votes gone over for time stamps so the ones that were cast after closing hour tossed out of the count. That's not going to happen. Sturman said that basically negates the concept of a private vote!

Lines are OK!

As far as the lines for early voting, the judge told Trump's people that it has been a long-standing practice within the state for the early voting stations to stay open until the lines are gone, despite the designated closing hour.

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This isn't the case on election night, where Sturman said the voting timeline is followed. She also refused to make the names of the election officials working the early voting public, which was another request by Trump's folks.

What are they asking?

The judge was not about to relinquish the names of the poll workers and leave them open to harassment and ridicule. The entire petition from Trump's camp was denied. Later in the day Trump's camp called this a "victory." They seemed to spin this into the judge agreeing to their requests on holding on to the votes, which was something that was done with or without Trump's camp requesting they do so. The tweet below was sent out by Trump's people and it basically celebrates the "victory" they seem to think they got out of the court!