President-elect Donald Trump is having a difficult time picking his Secretary of State and after spending Thanksgiving talking about his choices, he is reportedly still conflicted.

After eating Thanksgiving dinner with his family at his Mar-A-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump was so befuddled about who he should pick for secretary of state that he decided to ask for opinions from club members at his swanky resort.

An insider for the New York Post reveals that Trump "took a prime table next to the fireplace in the club’s living room" and spent time asking members who he should pick for Secretary of State.

Club members criticize Romney

Mira-A-Lago club members reportedly criticized Mitt Romney but told Trump that they like Rudy Giuliani and also suggested that he take a look at John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN.

And these three guys aren't the only names floating around as potential picks to become Trump's Secretary of State. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) are also said to be under consideration for the position.

Although Romney and Giuliani are the two names we have heard mentioned over and over again, The Hill contributor Maxwell Anderson states that Tulsi Gabbard is "an impeccable choice for Secretary of State" because she stands on "principle, not politics."

Congresswoman Gabbard resigned from her position as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee last February because she wanted to endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, Gabbard met with President-Elect Trump at the Trump Tower to discuss policies with Syria and her thoughts on fighting terrorism. After the meeting, Gabbard released a statement and stated that she would never allow "partisanship to undermine our national security."

When will Trump announce his pick for Secretary of State?

President-elect Donald Trump has been randomly announcing the names of his cabinet picks on Twitter since he won the election on November 8, so expect to see him make the announcement about his Secretary of State pick the same way.

However, it may be days — or even weeks — before we find out. CBS News reports that Trump's transition team has been "squabbling" over who he should pick for Secretary of State and with Inauguration Day less than eight weeks away, it sounds like they are going to have to pick a name out of a hat if they can't come to an agreement.

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