Presidential rallies are a time where candidates reassure their supporters as to why they should be voted into the White House, which usually involves blasting the opposition. Donald Trump's rally on Saturday in Reno, Nevada, was interrupted by a gun scare after protestor Austyn Criteswas allegedly seen reaching into his waistband. Security Agents rushed Donald Trump offstage after a member of the crowd shouted out "Gun!"

It took a handful ofpolice and security officers to apprehend Crites and escort him out of the venue. No weapons were found on the man and he has since been released. According to a post, Crites, 33, made on Facebook,he is, in fact, a Republican who supports Hillary Clinton although he does not agree with most of Mrs Clinton's policies.

Referring to Mr Trump he says: "We cannot allow a fascist/dictator to take away our beloved freedoms to simply boost his ego and 'get back' at anyone who disagrees.

Anot so warm welcomefor Hillary in Iowa

Although less serious, Mrs Clinton's campaigngroup ran into hostility in Iowa. The candidatewould have wanted to drum up support and give her fans something to look forward to, should she become President. However, what was supposed to be a positive speech for the Clinton campaign, turned into a verbal attack by the rally's opening speaker. Kaleb Vansoffon, a political activist at the local university, said that Mrs Clinton and her establishment had failed the American people. He continued to criticize the Democratic nominee by claiming that she has little care for the average person or student.

At that moment a member of staff stepped in before any damage was done, but it seemed that the crowd of supporters had already taken a shine to Vansoffon's comments as they cheered him off the stage. Vansoffon told Fox News he was contacted and asked to deliver a speech for Mrs Clinton's campaign, but the political activist had ideas of his own.

"Basically, they wanted to use me like a puppet," he said. Unbeknown to his true intentions, the Clinton campaign expected Mr. Vansoffon to speak about Democrats coming together in unity.

So what does this all mean?

On one hand, we have a Republican who fears that Trump will not take into account the opinion of the American people if elected.

And on the other hand, we have a political activist who believes the majority of American people cannot trust Hillary. It is possible that Donald Trump may lose out on votes if fellow Republicans like Crites do not approve of him becoming President. A similar story troubles Hillary Clinton. Her biggest concern is trust, something that has been shaken since the emergence of her emailcontroversy. The country is on edge in these concluding days of the campaign as we wait to see who will become our next President.

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