The appointment of "Breitbart's" Steven Bannon as White House Chief Strategist comes as a blow to anti-Trump Americans, given his history of deplorable acts. The news of his new role under a Trump administration happened over the weekend after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election and mainstream news outlets are on schedule with their outrage. Along with this news however, are reports that Republican Committee chairman Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff, both have stood by Donald Trump during his campaign, even Priebus who had been under pressure from the media to answer for many of Donald Trump's controversial and inflammatory statements throughout his run.

Steven Bannon white nationalist

Steve Bannon however, has not been under the same kind of pressure, keeping a consistent low-profile during the race even when the press targeted him for accusations of domestic violence as well as publishing inflammatory articles against minorities and women for his "Breitbart News" service, which have resurfaced in the news with reports of his appointment. To many, this validates the growing fears of the upcoming administration where many are concerned with the potential reality that the abrasive rhetoric that ran throughout his campaign is being normalized through his presidency. David Axelrod who was president Obama's adviser gave positive feedback for Reince Priebus' appointment as conventional, but went negative in response to Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump gave hints of what his platform would be from the beginning of his candidacy, when he called Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers before saying that some are "perhaps" good people. In a recent interview with "60 minutes" he was asked for details about his plan to deport immigrants, he said that he would first start by deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records and then look at those who have not committed criminal acts after securing the border, further enabling his plan for building what many might have thought to be, a metaphorical wall.

His platform has also focused on preventing Muslim refugees from entering the country, and has received the support of racist hate groups who make no secret of wanting their communities to be white, as they feel that other cultures do not assimilate well with America. Steve Bannon's history also quotes him of being antisemitic.

Are the cracks are already starting to show between Donald Trump and Republicans?

Senator Betty McCollum took a stand against Republicans on Monday saying that by staying silent on Steve Bannon's appointment, it confirms that the conservative party is fine with misogyny and racism. Donald Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway -- when asked about Bannon's white nationalist ties -- underplayed the accusations, saying that she was personally offended by them and would not have had anything to do with him if he had been a member of the Alt-Right.

Over the weekend on "Face The Nation" another surrogate Newt Gingrich came to Bannon's defense, saying that he had not heard about the Alt-Right until the "nutcakes" started writing about it, which is a noticeable contrast between two people on the same same team, one who knows enough about the Alt-Right to condone being associated with them and another who doesn't acknowledge their existence, even though the phrase was created in conservative forums since 2008.

And while Republicans are silent on the matter, those who are vocally defending Steven Bannon have even said that he doesn't have the makings of what they would consider a white nationalist, because he has a Harvard business degree, was a naval officer, a partner for Goldman Sachs and invested in the entertainment business such as in what many consider to be the best comedy sitcom in television history, "Seinfeld".

At the very least, Conway and Gingrich have made those same points in his defense. According to "CNN" the KKK applauds Steve Bannon's new role, while anti-Trump protests defy the decision.

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