The 2016presidentialelection has been nothing like any other election in United States history. Throughout the campaign of Republican candidate, Donald Trump and Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, there have been multiple astonishing facts revealed, leaving Americans extremely anxious for who will become the next United States president. But now, Americans have another problem to worry about: threats made by the militant Islamic organization, Al-Queda.

History of Al-Queda

Funded by the Talibanmilitia, Al-Queda is an extremist Islamic group that was established by Osama Bin Laden in 1988. Their ideology is based on Jihadism withthe goal to drive all of Americans and American influence out of Muslim nations and create one political and religious leader that controls each of these nations.

It began as an independent organization to fight against the Soviet Union during the Afghan war, but then united with other militant Islamic groups. Al-Queda was the group behind the planning, organization, and implementation of theUnited States September 11 terrorist attacks which led to the falling of the Twin Towers in New York City and the deaths of many.

ISIS, another Islamic extremist group who has also been causal of manyAmerican and non-American attacks, were first affiliates of Al-Qaedauntil 2014 when they cut ties with each other.

Most recent threat against the United States

On Friday, November 4, U.S. intelligencereleased information of unidentified, but potential Al-Qaeda attacks in three states: Texas, Virginia, and New York.

Although the credibility of this information has yet to be confirmed, the attacks are projected to occur next Monday, the day before thepresidential election. The potential for terrorist attacks has leftfederal and state authorities on high alert to ensure the protection of the public. This has also led to the concern for safety of many Americans.

Being that the attacks are said to occur on election eve, their occurrence could drastically influence the presidential election.

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