November 8, 2016 was a big day for the American population with it being the 58th presidential election and the day nine states voted for the legalization of medical or recreational use of Marijuana. By Wednesday morning, November 9, citizens of the United States of America woke up with their new president, Donald Trump. Along with this, some woke up with the legal prerogative to use marijuana under certain circumstances.

Legal recreationally

In Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada, marijuana was already legal medically. Tuesday, each of these states casted their votes for the recreational legalization of cannabis, allowing those over the age of 21 to posses, buy, sell, and/or use the drug.

All passed the new law except Maine who is on the verge of legalizing and Arizona who rejected the proposition under the reasoning that it would increase drug trafficking and fatal vehicular crashes. This makes a total of seven states that have legalized recreational marijuana. if Maine concedes that will make eight. This also means that marijuana is now legal across the entire west coast of the United States.

Legal medically

Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota were on the ballot for either medical or more comprehensive medical legalization of marijuana. All of the states accepted the proposition, raising the total number of states where medical marijuana is legally recognized and accepted.

The economy

The legalization of marijuana has shown to lead to an entirely new economy. Tax revenues have soared since the states began the propositions to legalize it, with Colorado’s marijuana-specific tax revenues exceeding $70 million in the fiscal year ending last June. With California’s decision, it is projected that this will be a huge turn for all of America as it is has the country’s leading marijuana market.

Cannabis will be governed by laws very similar to alcohol, with fines if it is used in public and repercussions if driving under the influence. California’s Proposition 64 is unique in that it will roll back certain convictions made against people who have marijuana-related charges.

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