Abandoning a dog is a very sad situation, which many people are not fully aware of. In the same way, it is depressing to see how the life of a person can be ruined because of crime. However, and contrary to what many may think, it is never too late for both people and Animals to enjoy a second chance.

That is the lesson prison inmates have learned, from the initiative proposed by ‘Dogs on the Inside,' it is anice project to rehabilitate criminals through contact with homeless dogs. This beautiful labour has been possible thanks to several rescuers, who every day go to the streets and secluded spots to pick up dogs that have nowhere to go or have been abandoned by their families.

It is surprising and shocking to see how many of them show up, totally alone and hungry.

Most of the time, the canine shelters are left without enough places to accommodate them all. Dogs usually feel cramped and unhappy in such shelters, because all they want is to be outdoors with someone to give them a little love. That's why this project is so important. This venture strives to give them hope.

A second chance for the rejected

‘Dogs on the Inside’ takes these homeless dogs and take them to live with criminals imprisoned. Everyone has the opportunity to leave for a while and to walk with them on a properly protected with security fences and filled with grass. There, the convicts take overthe animals and play with them.

They give caresses and talk to them politely. You could even say they give affection. But not only dogs benefit from this amazing initiative. For criminals, it is a very positive feel- they can count on friends who do not judge, and who are not interested in their past.

At first, many people thought that bringing them together with strays was a bad idea.

But after observing the excellent results of this idea, it is clear that it will be implemented in more prisons.

A wonderful new beginning

What do you think about 'Dogs on the inside' project? Do you think is a good or a bad idea?

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