It may come as a surprise to BBC, Sky Blue and other purveyors of “real news”, but after the United States freed itself from the shackles of British oppression, the new government created laws that separated the powers between bodies of government. One duty requires the Senate to ratify treaties, such as foreign trade agreements. The Trans Pacific Partnership, which President-Elect #Donald Trump single handedly absolved according to the “real news” outlets, never came to the Senate for ratification.

Supporter’s theorized free trade would create U.S. middle-class jobs over the long term. The United State has 14 free trade agreements dating back 30 years.

The official U.S. U6 unemployment rate was 9.3 percent for September. The Gallup equivalent, called the “Underemployment Rate”, was 12.8 percent in September. U6 workers are defined as discouraged workers and marginally attached or part-time purely for economic reasons. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a 5 percent unemployment rate in September.

Where are the jobs

The unemployed and underemployed were clearly part of the Trump populace that has not seen globalists theory work on their behalf. To the contrary, they believe the well-paying, benefit-producing jobs they and their parents held are now in a hamlet. Products are being produced by barely paid workers who have no environmental and labor protections making items for international corporations that will be sold in America for huge profits.

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Billions left U.S. workers

The biggest losers, in 2015, were auto manufacturing ($118.7 billion), computer and electronic parts ($27.9 billion) and primary chemicals ($13 billion), according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute. TPP members eliminated 1,057,200 jobs in manufacturing, according to the study.

The trickle-down effect of the U.S.-TPP countries deal has been felt in industries such as social services (204,200 jobs), retail trade (142,800), accommodation and food services (101, 800), and more. EPI used combined effects of both indirect jobs loss and respending effects, which reduced the demand for services to draw its conclusions. #World Politics