Wednesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful": it was Thanksgiving dinner for the Forrester family. The Logan and Spencer clans also poured in to the Forrester mansion to spend the holiday together, which made Eric the happiest that he has been since he got married to Quinn. He thanked them all for putting aside their differences and coming together for the special holiday. Funny enough, culinary chaos broke out in the kitchen with Katie, Brooke, Charlie and Pam.

Zende reminds Nicole about the ring

Zende was happy that Nicole made it to the Thanksgiving family dinner.

"I'm glad you came," he told her. He reminded her again that he'll always have the ring ready for when she changes her mind, but Nicole was still wary. "I care about you so much, but a lot has happened..." Nicole couldn't seem to be able to smile or show any feelings of joy.

Eric then called everyone to join together for a family picture. They seemed happy to surround the Forrester patriarch at this time, each of them grateful for his improved health.

Giving thanks

At dinner, Steffy told Rick that she couldn't imagine Forrester creations without him, and it was really cool to see him as a father to his daughter Lizzie.

Rick was grateful to Maya for choosing a life with him. Maya turned to Zende and said, "You are a kind and generous man, and I am grateful for the great memories you gave Nicole." Zende told Nicole how much he cares about and respects her. Nicole gave thanks Charlie for his friendship, and Charlie in his simple way, told Pam that she is the light to his oven, and confessed that he loves her beet salad.

Pam gave Katie a huge compliment, likening her to her deceased sister Stephanie, and admiring her for her strength and independence.

Katie thanked Eric for his friendship, generosity, and for everything that he has done for her and her son. Eric proudly shared with the family that his wife makes him feel supported, and was the reason for his speedy recovery from his collapse. "I'm so thankful for you Quinn, I will treasure you til' my last day on this earth." Quinn, had some surprisingly good words for Bill.

She told him that she doesn't hate him anymore, and that she feels grateful for their son Wyatt.

Bill was feeling the love for Brooke. "You are my most invaluable investment with the greatest return, and I can't wait to cash in on our future," he stated. Brooke gave thanks to Ridge for all the years he supported her, and for one of the best gifts -- their son RJ. Ridge told his son that he is a wise young man, and credited him for making him focus on what is important. RJ admired Ivy for being sophisticated and smart, and Ivy praised Wyatt for being dedicated, committed and forgiving. She expressed that she is honored to call him her friend.

"I admire your honesty and principles," Wyatt said to Liam. He admitted that he has earned people's respect because he is a good man and a good brother. Finally, Liam openly praised Steffy for her ability to bring everyone together, and showed his gratitude for having her in his life.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs Monday to Friday on CBS, so stay tuned for Monday's recap.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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