Earlier this month a grandmother sent a text inviting her relatives to #Thanksgiving dinner. One text ended up on the cell phone of a stranger on November 15. When a teen in Phoenix, Arizona received the text, he called Wanda Dench and explained that he was not her grandson. Then he asked if he could get a plate anyway. The grandmother said, "Yes, that's what grandmothers do." After the posting online, it was viewed over 200,000 times. People wondered if the 17-year-old would really show up on #Thanksgiving Day to eat dinner with a stranger.

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, Jamal Hinton showed up at Wanda's house and the entire family was happy to meet him.

Because the story went viral, cameras showed up so the Thanksgiving story could be documented. The teenager sat beside his hostess at dinner, and they got to know each other better while they ate. Therefore, they are no longer strangers.

Wanda got up early last Thursday morning to prepare for those she had invited to dinner. She cooked two turkeys to make sure there would be enough food for everyone, including Jamal. Wanda's 21-year-old grandson, Burgoyne, found out about the mix-up, but he still showed up at his grandmother's house for dinner. He said he was not surprised by his grandmother's kind gesture toward Jamal.

A feel-good story

Wanda and Jamal's story touched the hearts of many people leading up to and during Thanksgiving. It showed that there are still some good people in the world who are not selfish.

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Wanda was thrilled that everything turned out the way it did. The grandmother and the teenager who attends Desert Vista High School will keep in touch. If she texts him again, it will not be an accident. With the Christmas holiday coming up, who knows what might happen.

Would you have gone to a stranger's house for dinner on a major holiday like Jamal? Would you have welcomed a stranger into your house and fed him like Wanda did for Jamal? What do you think about this story? Would you classify it as a feel-good story?