Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, is still on the short list for Donald Trump’s secretary of state. He has a lot of qualifications, most important being that of an elder statesman with a lot of respect around the world. However, Romney was also one of Trump’s most fervent enemies during the Republican primaries, though he choose not to run himself in 2016. Team Trump would therefore like to see him grovel for the job, apologizing for all of the mean things he said.

The problem is that even after that Romney would by no means be assured of the job.

Rudy Giuliani, a Trump loyalists whose business interests have nurtured quite a few international contacts, is Romney’s chief rival for the State Department. John Bolton, George W. Bush’s UN ambassador, and General David Petraeus have also been mentioned.

Romney has run into lots of opposition from Trump loyalists, inside and outside the media.

While he was proven correct about the Russian threat and would be an improvement over the last two secretaries of state, Romney is considered too moderate and too out of step with Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach. Besides, many are still irritated that he managed to lose the 2012 election that ought to have been won, ensuring four more years of Obama misrule.

Romney, for his part, is not likely to issue any kind of apology unless he has already been offered the job of secretary of state.

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Donald Trump

The prospect of his groveling in public and then still not getting the office would just be too humiliating to contemplate. Even getting to be secretary of state after a good grovel may be too much. A lot of Never Trumpers still agree with what Romney had to say and would take a dim view of his taking it back just to get back into power.

It will, therefore, be surprising if Romney gets any post in the Trump administration.

He has been mentioned for Secretary of Veterans Affairs by virtue of his experience as a turnaround artist. Romney may find that job less glamorous but perhaps more satisfying in the end.

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