The South #china sea is claimed by at least 7 countries with the Peoples Republic of China claiming almost the entire ocean as part of its sphere of influence. #Taiwan is a breakaway province of China ruled by the erstwhile Nationalists who at one time ruled the entirety of China. The government of Taiwan also claims a portion of the islands in the #South China Sea. Recently, the Taiwan navy carried out a search and rescue exercise in the disputed sea. The aim was to reinforce the Taiwan claims in the area. Reports indicate that 8 ships and 3 aircraft took part in the drill. Taiwan claims the entire Spratly island group but presently hold only Taiping.

The news has been reported by the official Central News agency which also informed that ships of the coast guard and Taiwanese navy took part.

South China Sea

The disputed sea is supposed to be rich in resources and minerals, and the reason that all the nations have a claim over it. China is the most powerful claimant and by sheer muscle power has built a military station and airfield on the disputed islands. Despite having lost the case at the International tribunal on its sole sovereignty over the sea, the Chinese have pressed ahead undeterred. China has rejected the findings of the International Tribunal. They have a greater naval strength in terms of numbers of warships than the US fleet in the area.

Taiwan's claim

The action by Taiwan is part of their claim on the Spratly islands in the South China Sea.

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Coast Guard Chief Lee Chung-Wei (in an interaction with journalists in Taipei) has claimed that Taiwan's right to the islands in the sea is "undeniable." China's reaction to this exercise is not yet known. It claims Taiwan as a part of China and is looking for reunification. It has not ruled out the use of force to retake Taiwan.

Last word

The entire South China sea is the hotbed of tension with Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore -- with Thailand along with China and Taiwan as claimants. With Donald Trump as president, he will have to attend to this problem of the South China sea.