Bannon’s background

You know the name of Donald Trumps selection for Chief Strategist, but do we really know anything about Stephen Bannon? The head of breitbart is said to be a far-right extremist who despises homosexuals, Jews, and African-Americans. Is there any truth to these claims?

Alt-Right Or Alt-Wrong?

Bannon was recently reported to have disputed these accusations. Additionally, he stated that he has no tolerance for the attitudes of the Alt-Right, an extremely conservative sect of Republicans who view mainstream conservatism as too liberal. However, some believe Bannon helped get Trump elected through his media influence.

The Trump Cabinet

Donald Trump has been criticized many times for adding Bannon and other such controversial figures to his cabinet. So, what’s the deal? According to Spiked Online, Bannon does not consider himself a White Nationalist. Rather, he considers himself a “nationalist” and “economic nationalist." This could mean that Bannon wants to focus on revitalizing the economy here at home. This has been a large plank of Trump’s campaign as well, so it makes sense that he would want Bannon as his Chief Strategist.

Bannon’s plans

Wikipedia also mentioned that Bannon will take a leave of absence from Breitbart to work with the Trump campaign. The public has made connections between Breitbart and the alt-right in recent years.

However, the alt-right is not an official movement, and rather is a loose-knit community that exists mostly online.

Bannon spoke to the Wall Street Journal to further clarify his feelings. In the interview, he acknowledged that Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites have all been harmed by globalism, a policy that focuses on helping the world succeed and not just the US.

He also opposed Ethno-Nationalism, a Nazi-like policy in which the “nation” is defined as being made up of a certain race.

Trump And Bannon

Bannon has also been accused of infiltrating the Republican circle of power for his own gain. Some say he turned Breitbart into Trump’s Pravda, a Russian newspaper that was once the official paper of the Communist Party.

However, there have been articles on Breitbart that are critical of Trump, such as an article claiming that The Don’s Justice Department will target so-called sanctuary cities. These regions shelter illegal immigrants.

Bannon’s backlash

An article on Breitbart also accuses Democrats and the mainstream media of running a smear campaign against Breitbart and other far-right publications. While the article wasn’t written by Bannon, it does mention the controversial statements made about him and claims he helped elect Donald Trump. It also labels Trump “the most polarizing president in history.”

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