On Monday, November 14th, the United States' Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would not allow the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) to be constructed until further evidence was gathered to explore the environmental threat the project could pose. This latest victory remains fragile however due to concerns over how President Donald Trump's input could compromise efforts to protect Lake Oahu and other lands of the Standing Rock Sioux and other indigenous groups around the nation.

Future of Dakota Access Pipeline remains uncertain

Trump has previously invested between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in Energy Transfer Partners, the firm at the center of the $38 Billion dollar oil pipeline project known as the Dakota Access Pipeline.

He has also worked closely with North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer who has been a staunch opponent of the Clean Water Act which places Federal jurisdiction to the Army Corps and the Environmental Protection Agency for deciding issues such as the one at the center of the fight over DAPL.

Energy Transfer Partners has been outspoken in its promises to its investors, the standing rock sioux and the rest of the world that it will see this project through no matter what. The profit to be realized is quite simply too vast for them to walk away regardless of the levels of violence perpetrated to ensure construction goes on or the scrutiny of the global independent news media. For Energy Transfer Partners, these latest efforts are simply the last gasps of what the Obama Administration has narrowly been able to accomplish in his final days as the President of the United States; the firm feels assured they will be able to build their pipeline and will do anything to ensure it.

CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Kelcy Warrens announced on Tuesday, November 15th that along with Sunoco Logistics Partners would take it's appeal to complete the DAPL to Federal Court. In the jointly released press release, Energy Transfer Partners describes itself as "owning and operating 62,500 miles of natural gas and natural gas liquids pipelines."

Sioux nation continues to struggle against invigorated corporate machine

The firm affirmed it's position with the following statement made by Kelcy Warren: “Dakota Access Pipeline has waited long enough to complete this pipeline.

Dakota Access Pipeline has been granted every permit, approval, certificate, and right-of-way needed for the pipeline’s construction. It is time for the Courts to end this political interference and remove whatever legal cloud that may exist over the right-of-way beneath federal land at Lake Oahe."

In the week since Donald Trump's election, Energy Transfer Partners stock has risen from $33.37 to $38.68.

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