President Barack Obama spoke at a press conference in Germany on Thursday, Fox News reports. He told the anti-Trump protesters to "march on" and urged them not to "remain silent."

Protests will continue

Obama stated that there isn't another president in our history that has been the subject of a protest like Donald Trump. He advised those who feel strongly about voiding Donald's presidency to continue to fight it. He added that making your voice be heard is important as a United States citizen.

How will it end?

Donald Trump's advisers called upon Obama and Hillary Clinton to calm the protesters down. They believe that they could end the protest and unify the country. In fact, they took this chance to trash the Democrats and accused them of trying to "stir drama" as he prepared to take office in January.

Time of healing

Obama stated that after an upsetting election cycle, he believed that America just needed a time of healing. He said that "in time," we would accept that Donald Trump would be the nex president.

He hoped that the Republicans would give the Democrats time to grieve the loss, and accept the reality that Trump was going to take office in a few months.

Words to those opposing the protest

The president had strong words for those who opposed the protest on Monday.

He urged them to "allow" the protesters time to voice their disapproval of the election. He added they have not broken any laws and have remained non-violent. Even so, Trump's supporters are not convinced and believe that "someone" should shut the protest down, even if it takes jailing the protesters.

Twitter wars

Obama has voiced his disapproval of how Donald Trump handles himself on social media.

He noted that he doesn't think that Twitter is the place to announce who will be in your administration and to vent about the protesters.

Trump's supporters believe that Obama should be more supportive of the President-elect, and do more to tame the protesters. Obama thinks that as Americans, we have the right to protest government elections if we feel strongly about the outcome. The protesters are nowhere bear ready to accept Donald Trump as their president, so the demonstrations likely won't stop.

Do you think the protesters should accept the election results? Do you think Donald Trump will stand up to Russia?

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